What is this for me?

August 30, 2010

What is this for me? That is a question that has become all too common as I’ve entered my final semester at college. It’s a question that can be very threatening, because it is so often associated with the question: “what did you learn?

We come to college to learn and with sponge-like quality are expected to soak up  all the lessons and experiences college has to offer.  Since  this what college is expected to be for me, it is dangerous to look back and question myself by thinking; “what has college been for me?”

Did I learn?…

What did I learn?…

Was there something I missed out on learning?

Even in my final days here at UF, do I still have something to learn?

College is for learning, maybe not all of it academic. I am evidence that we learn much more than equations and epochs- we learn about ourselves. And by realizing that, this is where I stop and answer the question that was initially posed in class today: What is this for me? It’s been a chance to grow up, it’s been a chance to learn about myself, it’s been a rite of passage into young adulthood. It’s been… fun???

It’s been real.

… yeah, that’s the best way I can put it. It’s been real.

Hasta Luego


The First Step…

August 25, 2010

This the first step in a sixteen week process. So, it should be epic, right? Sorry to disappoint, but I am not sure I am can fulfill the epic requirement needed on this first post. BUT.. I will try:

My name is Eric VanVeelen

I am currently a Senior studying Sociology and hopefully going to graduate at the end of this Winter semester. (It feels like a long time coming… trust me.)

I would like to think that I am relatively proficient at think that involve the WWW, but it would not take much time or talent to prove to me that that statement is a blatant lie. I have never taken any kind of computer based course, but I have had a computer in my home for as long as I can remember.

My rationale for taking this course is that the course will help me meet the writing requirement at the university before I graduate. I think that this course in particular will give me the words, but not cause me to bored out of my mind. I hope that it’s interesting and will possibly give me an edge in the world that I am about to enter come December.

I am not sure what an “experience database” is, so my working definition for it is: <blank>

Hopefully, by the end of this course I will be able to fill that space, because I would say it’s pretty bland right now.

First post- complete… I’ll work on creating a catch sign-off, but for now we’ll go with:

Hasta luego!