For Project 1

September 27, 2010

Part 1: Career Discourse

“Make a website documenting an important discovery, or a (founding) invention, in your career domain”

  • Create a website documenting important discoveries or inventories in you career domain
  • “We are not the inventors”
  • Not a paper on “what is a computer” but what is behind the invention- the process, what it was for them, the circumstantial details
  • compressing, not filtering
  • NOT making an argument
  • You think it’s cool- put it up on the website, no need to say why it is important
  • Using the concrete and material objects of experience- not abstract
  • you are the “curator” not simply an argumentative essayist

Part II: Home and Family

“Make a website documenting a scene that sticks in your memory
from the childhood years of your family life.”

  • Use anecdotes in project (story telling)
  • If we are the author? Why would we explain it to ourselves? We wouldn’t- just convey the expressive parts
  • Chora logic: a way of  organizing information by using a place as the intersection of all our experiences
  • should be composed in a hybrid discourse: multiple modes (i.e. Hide and Seek, mix with short narratives with true life interviews, and even greater mixing when some of the places that were fictional could have been true to life


  • Image motif- something concrete that links the two parts together

Studio- Band 2

September 24, 2010

Hey Britt and Steve- glad you found the blog… Welcome– it’s gotten kind of lonely in here.

Just to begin here are the guidelines for this weekend along with the topics we need to cover on Monday:

    In brief comments over weekend, group members should

  1. divide material (i.e. post what you would like/will cover)
  2. specify points and rationale
  3. collaborate in preparation: review, revise, refine specific points (i.e. discuss whether relevant, practical, sufficiently specific, etc)
  4. discuss questions (answering = optional; Qs to pose during presentation are good preparation, too); can be conceptual and technical: “should we…?” and
  • Chp. 2: “Image”
  • Ulmer’s Relays for Method (Obtuse, Haiku, Wabi-Sabi, Epiphany)
  • Project Part 1 Praxis
  • Relay: These Waves of Girls

Here are links to Ulmers Relays:





When 2D Just Isn’t Enough..

September 22, 2010

Today we spoke on the importance of mapping out our popcycle in relationship to the places and locations that hold special meanings, memories, or anecdotes for us. It was stressed that this map in no way had to be the actual geographical map, but instead good be scaled using the prominence of each memory.

But I believe that a flat map with only one dimension will not due. There is overlap between the places that mean something to us. I cited the highschool as one of my memory points, but these highschool memories would often lead to my house or friends house.

For example: I graduated on my highschool’s track field, then I had dinner with my parents afterward, and then went to a graduation after party at the local community college. All of the hustle and bustle stems from the highschool- so it seems that these maps way be more like Venn Diagrams then maps, but even diagrams can not show the actual images or memories that stack up at each location. We need to look at a 3D map that allows us to pull apart and examine each place and the relationship this place has with others.

Let that statement and linger around in your mind, while you think about let me show you what I think this map would be like:

What do you think? Is it possible to follow all the threads of life as easily as Shawn White wields that power in this commercial? It’s something to strive for.

Mapping the Popcycle

September 21, 2010

Here is a google map of my hometown:

Feel free to explore the wonders of Monroe, MI!!

Here are a few places of special interest:

My house- Brookshire St, 48161

  • I spent my whole life in this house. For most of the time we spent their we had a hot tub on the back porch. During the winter time we would turn on the hot tub and it would be snowing and we my family would be in our swim suits! Talk about a contradiction. It would be so cold outside that my dad would get icicles on his long beard. My dad and mom would always dare me to run out from the hot tub and do a snow angel and run back in. I would always man up.

Monroe High School, Herr Road, 48161

  • This was my high school. 4 years in one spot, and it was good to me. At the time it felt like a prison, looked a little like it too,  but I was really lucky to be a student there. When I was a part of Teen Outreach Theatre we would often leave the high school to go and perform for the local elementary schools. I always thought it was the coolest thing that I had to check out at the front gate- it made me feel like a celebrity on the “invite only list.” It was even a better experience because going out of the gate usually meant that I got to go out lunch while everyone else was stuck with Salisbury Steak. Suckers.

Hollywood Elementary, Riverview Ave, 48162

  • This was the elementary school that my dad was the principal of. He was the best BINGO caller in the whole ton. I would love to go as a young kid and get as many cards as I could fit on the table. There was no way that I could keep track of them, but I looked like a pro. The final “cover all” was the best prize. If you one you got a new release movie, a bucket (yes.. bucket) of popcorn, and tons of theatre candy- all wrapped up in a bow. I was never close, but dang, would winning the prize have been sweet.

Memory Glipse: Assignment 2

September 17, 2010

My first memory? That’s a hard one. I have a horrible memory. I can hardly remember what I did last week, let alone try to conjure up what happened to me when I was a child. The earliest memory I have is an odd one, but I will tell it to you anyway:

At an early age, I had an almost immediate obsession with coloring. Mostly abstract stuff, and I would never limit my creativity to those limitations of “inside the lines.” Picture after picture I would color. I would make an elephant teal, Donald Duck brown, and my own family had an odd tint of green to all their skin. This particular memory involves me receiving an extra large coloring book with 3 free crayons attached to the side. This wonderful and gigantic canvas had been given to me by my next-door-neighbor, Frannie. The crayons (my utensils) were blue, yellow, and red: the primaries. The building blocks to all other colors- they were magnificent. Frannie was a creative soul like me, so she knew how important it was for an artist to be able to express himself on a large scale.

The space between our yards was small, but the patch of grass between our two houses was always well kept. I didn’t expect the gift, so as I was handed the pad my mouth dropped and my eyes started to twinkle. The pages seemed in pristine condition, crisp and had a good “flip-able” quality. The book come complete with that light aroma of Frannie’s perfume. That was a scent that I could enjoy well into young adulthood. It was a mixture of her personal perfume that was rich and rosy and the potpourri that resided in every corner of her house. It was not a youthful smell. It was the smell of age, of wisdom, and of a kindness that only came from living through certain life events.

I couldn’t wait to open the front cover and start scribbling on each and every one of the pages.  The air was that of late autumn, light and cold, so I would have to take my work inside. I turned quickly, clutching the book that happened to be as large as my abdomen. I was halfway into my second step when I felt a firm grasp on my tiny shoulder. I could feel Frannie’s long (and fake) fingernails dig into my collar bone. With my passion for creativity raging, I could not be stopped. I tried to take another step into the soft patch of grass that I stood on, which may have only been three steps wide to begin with. Frannie was not letting go. Her nails dug deeper, causing a discomfort that could not be ignored. I whipped around to face her as quickly as I could- the faster I get through with her, the faster I can get to my future masterpiece.

“If you are not going say ‘thank you,’ then I guess that I can take it back.” Frannie’s voice was firm with a touch of anger and annoyance. Thankful… me?? Of course I was thankful! But you can’t stop an artistic project. You can’t just halt the artistic juices from flowing! And before I could plead or argue, the book was out of my hands. I looked at her perplexed; I had never known Frannie to act like this. Tears started to form in my eyes, but Frannie was not so easily convinced. She took back her gift and walked out of our shared space and into her house. With the clack of her swinging front door, that great big coloring book was gone. Frannie must have been having one bad day.

Is she a lezzie????

September 16, 2010

Now that we have seen “Hide and Seek” I am starting to make some interesting revelations regarding which young women in Hollywood might just be showing their lesbian tendencies.

So what do you think? Miley Cyrus? Lindsay Lohan (well… that’s an easy one), Dakota Fanning?

Take a look at the provocative but insinuated girl-on-girl action in “Can’t Be Tamed” and decide for yourself:

Billy Ray, what have you created?

They’re Not The Same!

September 15, 2010

Déjà vu



Epiphanies about “Epiphany”

September 13, 2010

When I heard the word epiphany it rang a bell, but I didn’t know exactly where and when I had heard the term used before. Of course, it’s just a word, and I knew the definition before reading it in “Internet Invention,” but for some reason I kept feeling like this word meant more to me…

And then I had a revelation (epiphany if you will, but I was too afraid of overuse to type it one more time). I have heard to word epiphany in a sermon at my hometown church, and come to find out- it was not just my preacher that emphasizes epiphany. It turns out the epiphany is actually a Christian holiday. Usually celebrated on the 6th of January, and it signifies the point at which the entire world/universe/congregation’s eyes are open to the fact that little baby Jesus is the newborn king. I won’t try to initiate a religious blog post, and I would never use a Bible to thump, so I will stop with all the backstory and context and provide you a link to more information on the celebration that is Epiphany.

This is a great example of how our areas of popcycle overlap and intermingle with each other. My church is part of my community, my family has always been religious, and by connecting both aspects to something in “Internet Intervention” is something that relates to my schooling- emphasizing my current career. It’s all coming together quite nicely.

These Waves of Girls

September 10, 2010

I have a new question, and it is a little “tweak” of our golden question:

Did this work for me?

After viewing both These Waves of Girls and Sunshine ’69 I am wondering if the LSD/ADD/Link-to-another-link way of presenting information works. I liked this style at first, but now it’s starting to wear on me. I think that it may that this style makes viewing media to hard. You not only are trying to understand the literal or objective meaning of the media, but you are also trying to find the third meaning and the author’s personal connections when we view.

This is a much debated issue that seems to arise since a new generation has become media consumers; that we need to be spoonfed everything and that we us our brains less and less. If something is not clear and primitive than we ignore it…

SO… what’s wrong with that???

After viewing these two website I find that using your brain and abstract thinking while taking in media is a daunting and exhausting task- one that I may not want to engage in.

Here is the link directly to my Fakebook.

It has updated notes on “Internet Invention,” New Media, Films, and My Popcycle