What’s the Recipe?

December 1, 2010


The recipe has 8 different parts

  • Community
  • Entertainment
  • Family
  • Picture
  • Epigram
  • Mood
  • Morality
  • Metaphysics

Not an illustration or depiction, but an expression

Metaphor vs. Autonomy

We can not use a football metaphor when talking about coming to class- we are not football players- it’s just not me.

Default Mood and Attunement

Grounded in our lived institution

Creating our emblem should be something like making lasagna-

Where there exists a mixture, but they’re still coming together in one entity

We are not trying to suppress anything, but we are trying to composite something much bigger

Creating a widesite

  • Creating a site around why you chose certain things in your emblem
  • Having an anecdote or an image, that break down the emblem

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