Preparation for Studio on Monday

December 6, 2010


  • What do I want to reinvent?
  • Urban Sociology
  • City as a laboratory
  • City as stimulus
  • Robert Park
  • Chicago School of Sociology

Problem with from Career discourse

  • ideal of value- how has living in urban environments (conglomerations of activity) affect the social world?
  • BUT- urban sociologists want to look at entire culture of a city and miss the beauty of an individuals experience in a city
  • Is it possible to understand that city from a view point that radiates out from the individual, rather than simply looking from a giant magnifying glass in the sky?

Experience of Concept:

  • “The day in the life of an urbanite”
  • BUT it is still important to not get too psychological, focus on individual experiences with people culture
  • What do they think of the graffitti on the side of the side of the railway station?
  • Who do the bump into on the way to work?
  • Does the cab driver smell, if so, what like? (Not to get to graphic)
  • These things come together (get pasted together) to create a composite that is the life of the city dweller
  • Seeing the homeless and destitute changes the individuals stance on poverty, experience as Gay Day Parade may make the person more/less accepting
  • This part should not be difficult, when we are interacting with “the city” the mind and body are constantly at work and being stimulated by hundreds of things
  • Create a narrative?
  • Or is the user the person moving around the city?



  • Those shows that signify the city (Sex and the City, Friends, Frasier, 30 Rock, CSIs)
  • What about those reality shows like The Real Housewives or Top Chef?
  • The Travel Channel


  • Organized chaos
  • Looking for those “important moments” that may seem to others as nothing
  • Music and pictures follow same theme- set the mood
  • Never dull, but intriguing, cause discussion  (art gallery)


  • Transit map
  • Theatre Guide
  • What’s happening in… ????


  • creating “the city dweller”
  • trying to create a character that encapsulates what city life can be for all
  • This is an interesting paradox: worried about individualism, but only showcasing one type of urbanite- may need to explore further


  • Interested in having audience imput their own city experiences
  • home town stories, where are you from, guestbook?
  • Or what they take from the things presented as the city scape
  • Comment boxes
  • how to create fast pace motion and blur that can be city life

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