The Hands on Museum should have been fun. It would be fun if I went today, but back then it was torture.

I had to walk around to all of the exhibits an answer a short trivia question. Torture.

At every exhibit I would crank my head to look at the clock: “was it almost time yet?

The only exhibit I truly enjoyed was one where you tried to get a wall of bubble to surround you.

It took steady hands, but even greater patience. I never would get it above my bellybutton. After the first fifteen seconds I would yank the rope as hard as I could to see if I could possibly outsmart the bubble. Never worked.

Science can not be tricked.

By the time we made our way through all the exhibits we were given two options. We could:

  1. Go to sleep if we were tired
  2. Stay awake and run through the exhibits like a pack of wild geese until they turned the lights off two hours later

Option 1 got me Chuck E. Cheese, Option 2 did not. My choice was obvious.


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