I tried to go to sleep early, but there were some flaws in my plan:

I was the only on that chose to go to sleep (no surprise).

The lights every where in the museum stayed on (no shut-eye).

And because all elementary schoolers must run from every location to another location and they have a bad habit of not looking down at any obstacle that is (trying to be) sleeping on the ground. I got kicked by every kid in my class.

My Power Rangers sleeping bag had dirty footprints on both sides. It was worse for the wear.

But somehow I managed to drift off into sleep. It may have been the rhythmic patter of footsteps just inches from my head. Or the tune of sirens that would go off at almost every exhibit. Or finally, it may have been the hope for dreams of the great day the would come tomorrow- when I got to see the mouse and his robotic band.


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