How Trashy!!!

On the next stop on the Lantern Tours, the old school house on the river’s edge, Scooby sniffed out another clue, but this one really stinks! It’s some old pizza boxes from Tiffany’s Pizza

and with all those boxes there was a pile of Big Boy napkins with what looked to be chocolate sauce smudged on one.

The women who is dressed up in a large winter coat and an old nurses cap has something to say about this ludicrous littering scheme:

“I don’t know why they would do such a thing. I mean that’s 6 pizzas! That’s enough for a small army of men. And I bet those napkins were from dessert. The Hot Fudge Icecream Cake.”

Now cool yourself Scooby and try to control the slobber, we’ll head over there after this case is solved, but first let the field nurse continue…

“I don’t know if you’ll be able to narrow down your search from these things. Everyone goes to these places- they’re right next to each other! And, at least my family, goes there all the time. Every school orders their pizza parties from Tiffany’s and after every choir concert, basketball game, or football scrimmage, the kid’s always go together to Big Boy’s. Maybe it’s the big booths.”

So now we know where the locals go for grub, and we know that there’s more than one culprit, if we’re going to catch this band of thieves we’ve got to keep up. Let’s move with the tour on to the downtown of Monroe.


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