It’s an event invitation!


To the Monroe First Downers Annual Awards Banquet

Your boy played hard this season, so let’s celebrate him (and all those lunches you moms had to pack)!

Holiday Inn

Friday, October 29

*** No Cleats Please***


What an eerie coincidence… Friday, October 39 was the day that General Custer went missing!!! I smell something fishy, and it’s not just the river. Let’s ask this local dressed up as a furs trader about the First Downers Banquet:

“Oh, my little guy and I were there. Quite the party. The moms, they go all out. It’s a potluck, my wife and I bring the same thing every year: mostaccioli and taco pie. Basically the whole town shows up. It’s not that everyone has a son that is currently on a team, it’s more like you had a son or you were a coach, you never really leave the First Downers. It’s such a tradition here- for the boys at least.”

“Rirst Rowners??” Scooby questions

“You must not be from around here. That’s our Saturday morning football league for middle school boys. Let’s ’em take outtheir aggression and learn a sport. When I was in it, I was a Golden Gopher. Still have the jersey. You may think I’m weird, but the first downers are the stars of this town. And nobody misses that banquet”

And who would? No mostaccioli or taco pie!!!

This stop was interesting… very interesting, let’s keep up with the tour.


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