• half band documentary/ half concert film
  • moving backwards in time (waterfalls and rivers)
  • Icelandic
  • focus on water
  • “it seemed that it was the thing we had to do, we had to go to the small towns and play for the people that were there”
  • “our way to give back”
  • intimate settings with people of all ages (their demographic???)
  • small communities that are tight knit, incorporate them into the show- the marching band
  • rise to fame with music in Vanilla Sky
  • found that fame was not what they wanted, so the decided to act “weird” and not go into the main stream
  • take inspiration out of the atmosphere, just let things come to you
  • What is the process of making true music?
  • do you need a recording studio? do you need to be separated from the world (little girl)? Do you need to speak?
  • need to partake in culture in order to become in tune with the county itself
  • it’s not about the venue, it’s about the music
  • the music that plays seems to transform whatever setting is around them into a story, into something that we learn about. it can turn an old wood pile into something fascinating and beautiful
  • organized by each city that the band would visit and the people that would come to their show or just are around in the community
  • “joining the soul of the Icelandic public”
  • most ordinary things – roads and rocks- can become beautiful
  • in our daily lives, so many moments go past unrecognized and are seen as unimportant, but if you take the time to look and stop they can take on meanings and images of their own and express things better than words
  • cities still have their stories, even though they may be forgotten (the old fishing town)
  • “Found spaces”
  • the countryside and lowlands of Iceland meant more than commerce and making money off of the dam

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