Personal Notes:

  • Michel- shot cop and ran to city for refuge
  • Patricia- blond, working to sell New York Herald Tribute, aspiring
  • Personal story about bus driver who was willing to steal money for love
  • Best quote: “What is your ambition?”

“To become immortal and then die.”

Group Notes:

  • Seemed almost like a first person movie, but a movie that was also an active and known third party (almost like a documentary style).
  • It was raw and real, and made the viewer think about it would really be like to be in the movie… inside the chase, the romance, the cigarette smoking.
  • Quick breaks, long pauses, and long single takes made it seem even more life like.
  • At moments the actors would look at the camera as if the indicate that they knew the camera was present.
  • Mood: relaxed, child, nonchalant
  • The music of the film added to the disconnected feeling on the film.  They are having a lazy day in her apartment of around tone it is backed by fast-paced, almost “spy-movie” type music.
  • Could this have been intended to create the sense of urgency that some of the characters may be feeling as the plot progresses? The main character was fleeing and trying to hide from the Paris police force, but at the same time was trying to have a casual day with his lover. I’m sure his mind was in my different places and not just with in the calm mood the visual effects gave off.

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