• High school setting
  • mysterious call- characters have a previous history (one in which something ominous happened)
  • high school stereotypes- geek, drama queen, football players/dancers
  • old school detective film (Dick Tracy, etc.) mixed with modern day American high school
  • jazz tunes. dialogue. intrigue- set mood, “you just need to stay out of it, you don’t know what you are getting yourself into”
  • “woman in red”
  • Emily’s been awol for a month now
  • clues to finding a missing person
  • “act smarter than you look”- good line
  • “I slept real good last night, and got all 5 senses”- another good line
  • detective always observant, kind of like Sherlock Holmes
  • focus on blue bracelets
  • more than just high school, a hidden society- upper crest=popular kids, do their dirty deeds
  • turn into a murder mystery with Emily’s death under the bridge
  • thematic elements of thriller- dramatic chase, heightened music
  • vengeance
  • Law and Order meets 90210, dope ring and king pin with jocks and parking lot

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