• “Gene theory is too simple” to explain homosexuality
  • Is gay a predisposition?
  • scenes of a baby chimpanzee vs. human baby (evolution?)
  • Looking back and using reconstructive memory
  • is there a “lesbian childhood?”
  • “It was just a transition” from childhood to puberty
  • “I didn’t want to leave childhood”
  • Sexual exploration – the banister
  • everything comes from full circle – my girlfriend reminds me of my first best friend Lori
  • it was this shadowy dark thing- their first games can be tied to perverse undertones
  • “I looked for the lesbian bits, but couldn’t do that.” – she was caught up between growing up and that kind of stuff
  • mix of narrative and true confessions
  • creating a followable story not just using a direct plot- using the women’s comments to build the story
  • various forms of mixed media

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