• Tim Burton’s Dark Style (Much like Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Stop-Motion Animation
  • Musical, but not a happy, flamboyant, Broadway style
  • Subdued, gloomy, almost foggy
  • Interesting comparison to the gray, dull world of the living with the colorful and playful world of the dead
  • What is love? Who can we love? How does love grow?
  • If we don’t find love in this life it seems that we’ve “failed”
  • The film is art, with the signature of the artist (Tim Burton) in all of the artistic choices (colors, character shapes, music)
  • I’m fascinated how animation can make you feel, laugh, cry, and smile just as well as watching a film with real actors
  • One of my favorite movies, and a feel that it was very unappreciated because many felt it never lived up to A Nightmare Before Christmas, but they are two totally different movies

Apples and Oranges people!!!


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