Inanimate Alice

  • Alice as main character in “episodes”
  • Intro page, explain project, explain basic premise, showcases current episodes
  • Episodes: text, sound, images (“make sure your sound is on”)
  • As episodes progress user can click to next screen
  • Icons appear letting user go backwards- each is a single image highlighting an important aspect of story
  • Words do no disappear, but they do fade in an out- sound and media loop
  • Sound can set mood for viewing- slow “traditional” Chinese for mother, fast-pace militaristic for base camp
  • Baxi- interactive for Alice (creating Brad) but also for viewer
  • Use her phone do to certain things (GPS, music, etc.)- cool effect, we are not just watching
  • Some screens will progress by themselves, some you must click through, pointer to progress sets pace at how fast you can click
  • See through Alice’s eyes- even her POV (looking outside car window) and use of her voice and language
  • Each episode is complete- has a beginning, middle, end


  • Seemingly simple graphics that morph and change
  • Some are very simple, where the words (yes and no) don’t change but just fly around the screen- almost like you can do with PPT animation
  • Very cool when words do transform- rubber band quality
  • can tell a story through words
  • Interaction- 2/ Presentation- 10



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