• Initial instructions in order to make media work- is the necessary, is it effective?
  • Although it had instructions I still had to explore and make mistakes to master site
  • Connections between two objects (Hamburger and Gun) but you control how quickly you go through the different stages
  • Moving slowly towards end goal
  • Space between has words, phrases that make mental connection for other
  • emphasis on the spiral- are you truly going anywhere?
  • Music in the background heightens experience- you want to get to the end
  • Just get to the end!
  • We have sort of an omnipresence, where we can see the start and the end point, it’s left to us on how we will get there
  • Interactivity- 10
  • Presentation- 9 (Presentational, but very short, no elaboration or pattern, don’t quite understand all connections and some pictures “secret space” make some information  not available)
  • Looping of same music (usually very short clip) can be annoying
  • Digital poetry and net art
  • 11 secret words, 11 secret places
  • Kind of genius that you don’t get password until end of connection- makes viewer go through all media
  • Levels, continuum, space between objects
  • Too complicated? Why would you make it more difficult to read things?
  • When people have to take time, they seem to concentrate more, and pay better attention
  • When we have streaming things on our media- how long should it be?

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