• Interaction- 7, Presentation- 10
  • Interaction- click on different titles of comic strip, guide yourself through the site, different sounds and sites also make you want to keep clicking (they get old after a few seconds)
  • Presentation- the information is clear, you control the media, so you are able to get all of the words before they leave the screen
  • The media is really artistic and interesting- using sounds, moving imagery, and photographic images with comic strips (which are static) good mixing of media- helps get point across.

What They Said

  • Interaction- 6/ Presentation- 10
  • One of my favorite media so far

My Summer Vacation

  • Interaction- 8/ Presentation- 9
  • Pictures of opening screen are not static, they change every time (at least in order)
  • Presentation: seemed too slow, tuned out after initial phrase- didn’t repeat, also increased interaction

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