How did you read this work?

  • By date?
  • By season? (because it creates a certain atmosphere or mood within us)
  • Our birthday?
  • By character?

What made you interested in this particularly story?

  • Something has to intrigue us, something has to keep our attention
  • Sounds like a soap opera
  • Or less effective, chosen because they were the first on the list
  • We can connect with the characters- they tend to lead a double life
  • To follow through time you have to take just pieces in order to understand what’s going on
  • Follow through relationships- when the characters interact we switch the perspective we read from
  • “Incremental bits”
  • Do we need an element of shock value or something grotesque in order to keep our audience attached??
  • In order to keep our audience’s attention we must hold on to the best parts of our story a reveal them when the time is right
  • Look into the character’s first post in order to see where they begin, trying to get a sense of their character
  • Thoughts of characters in italics, dialogue undistinguished

Ficelle- a story made up of secondary characters

Our story needs to be situated into something, it needs to have its own aura or atmosphere- not like Starbucks where you can go to ANY airport and get the same drink


  • Who is the focal point for this site?
  • Because the author can not control how the audience reads it, he has no power over who is the focus
  • Interactivity- if we don’t like what are reading we can switch- not something you can do with TV (you can’t simply switch to the Jim and Dwight <The Office> channel)

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