Written by Pamela and Shelley Jackson

  • The coming of age and maturation of a young girl
  • Jackson sees that she is different than other girls, and things are starting to change with her- writing as an outlet or expression of her confused feelings
  • Interesting that most people would want “her body,” but yet she still has a sense of unease with her body
  • Parts of the body bring about memories or anecdotes from past
  • When did I first notice this part of my body?
  • “the first breasts I ever saw”
  • Certain parts of her body, like her tattoos, mean something to her- they are special and individual only to her- empowerment
  • looking at other girls and thinking about what it would be like to be in their shoes or with their fingernails
  • empathetic? using her sociological imagination?
  • Highlights ability to go from thinking about your stomach to belly dancing, and then taking that to the logistics of a belly dancing costume (making connections at light-speed)
  • When the memory become  fuzzy (“I don’t know if it was before or after I fell ) and you can not remember the exact details it is OK that you simply use memory glimpses- the important things that really stuck with us.
  • Being caught between girl and a girl that feels like she should be boy
  • “Having a monstrous body”
  • expressing the sensations involved with memories and body part
  • Writing in the way that we tell stories

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