• The modes of information: Narrative, Argument, Figure, Game
  • What’s different about this than everything else we’ve seen
  • Narrative Element (story): seems to follow a personal narrative
  • Figurative: themes of fluidity, water, flowing, not complete sentences, color of the screen seems to put mood into site
  • Game: because it was so vague you can create your own story, give words your own meaning
  • The author gives you the bounds (the parameters) then she lets you “play” with what you can create
  • There is a definite theme of movement- the waves, that can give you calm feeling or a relaxed feeling
  • information/relays fade away-adding a time element to the site
  • you have to get the information quick, and it constantly pushes you not to think, but to feel and experience
  • After a certain amount of time the words begin to shift and the image goes away

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