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Here’s our key question:

Key Q. How to express Community’s “mood of thought” in Electracy? (apparatus theory)
Discourse of Community’s value? (not your own; see “interpellation” & “extimacy”)

Just leave any comments or answers about that on this page.

What has Tyler Perry done for the black community?

With unwavering conviction he tries to display true and meaningful scenes that are true to the community he hopes to portray.


Ok, you know you like it….

….circa 2001

I am: Rosemary’s Granddaughter

Spinning Image of My Father

And when the day is done My Mama‘s still my biggest fan

Sometimes I’m foolish, and I’m clumsy

But I’ve got friends that love me, they know just where I stand

That’s all a part of me

That’s just who I am


Drawing from in class references, as we have previously discussed as a class, be thinking about “Be kind Rewind” for this part of the project.

Mike perfectly represents “ficelle” as a character that reflects the values of the whole community.

The other way you could think about it is from the event of the community coming together to create a film. That specific event revealed a lot about the community and their perspective.

Think of when you were younger. What do you remember as community events that stick out in your mind? I’m sure a lot of you had 4th of July Block parties, or something big that happened where a lot of people became involved. PTA fundraisers/bake sales, traveling carnivals, etc.

Remember community can stretch to what you want it to be. Ulmer doesn’t define it necessarily as “neighborhood”.

This could be something like the children sports league you may have participated in, a church group, or girl/boy scouts.


2 Responses to “In Studio Session- Band 2: “History” and “The Bar””

  1. what happened to my comment? i just want our teacher to know i participated in this..lol

    from “drawing from in class references” to the end was my contribution. 🙂

  2. Hey Eric,
    I think ur Tyler Perry reference is ABSOLUTELY perfect. These films and plays really do depict the traditions and culture of Southern Black Americans. I believe thats why these films are so popular. Nice job 🙂

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