• While reading and navigating Sunshine ’69 I found it irresistible to follow any given path. With so many links and so many pages I was constantly adding new tabs and pages to my screen.
  • The use of different writing styles (poetry, personal narrative, fiction) made each entry unique and personal- creating different characters and different stories to follow.
  • All of these elements hit the viewer at once, almost overloading.
  • A possible reason for this could have been to create the sensory overload that many of the characters faced on a daily basis. We are rarely focused on one single ting at a time- we have plans, we have meetings, we have assignments. It is almost never that we get to put 100% of our mind to one singular task.
  • The function of Sunshine ’69 was to create a story that forced the reader into an interactive environment where you feel that you are personal in the story.
  • “Acid trip” of a story more than a linear novel.
  • The music was aimed at attempting to to create the feeling that we were in 1969, listening to the radio.

To compare Sunshine ’69 with “Breathless”:
The random cuts in the movie that made it seem fragmented or just “pasted together” was a great deal like the links and new pages of Sunshine ’69. Both seemed to be almost elementary and primitive in their forms, but they both still conveyed some message. Personally, I may not have understood the message of the either of these media (… I didn’t), but it was clear to me that both of these things had a point to get across, and decided to take the least complex way to get there.

“If you have got something to say, just say it”


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