Written by Shelley Jackson

  • A tribute to the strength of little girls (as hidden and repressed as that strength may be)
  • Doll games as a “hidden laboratory” where girls explore, learn, and express themselves without inhibition
  • The original doll games was a theatrical experience between two sisters (Shelly and Pamela- who may be imaginary???) and it was one in which the audience was both viewer and co-creator
  • To be connected to the art of writing and creating fiction later in life
  • have an active mirror held up to the audience
  • stories and anecdotes that are called upon by each doll or figure
  • little character bios
  • serial narratives and soap opera dramas between dolls
  • involuntary memories
  • Memory database from childhood
  • gives the feel that it is of the non-fiction genre, but is still more of a “creative autobiography
  • leaving us feeling “duped” or tricked
  • those “everyday” objects that take on new forms and new properties in the minds of the little girls
  • Includes interviews and comments sent in from real (legit) people creates interesting mix of fiction and nonfiction
  • Unlike the film, being able to click link and create your own story with Shelley’s words- which can add confusion and harder to understand
  • Glossary as a “behind the scenes” section- answer the question “what was this for me?”… WELL, let me tell you
  • Although she may use her Barbie in this way, I used Barbie in my way
  • Sexualization and “raunchiness” of some of her doll sex leads us to think to not leave anything out. Your subjective opinion matters.

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