A. This interactive novella is a retrospective look back at the author’s life

B. Full of Epiphany and Insights

  • Revelations that she only could see after the fact
  • Events in her life that may, at the time, have seemed simple, but later in life came into view as important life events.
  • Everyday occurrences

C. Seemed like a journal or diary

  • It is not a journal that was composed at the time of the events, but retrospectively when she was an adult
  • Try to create interest in the reader by making the plot seem surprising or interesting
  • Narrative story telling: we  (the authors) know what happened, but we have to create an interesting story for the audience.

D. Discovery while reading

  • Keeping a mystery while writing

E. Craft and Composition Techniques

  • Not a report- important information is right at the top
  • Create a narrative
  • Some sort of organization…. but what kind? (sequentially? stream of consciousness?)
  • Not organized by the “standard” expectations like who, what, when, where, why, but a different style: a style that uses her personal trigger and obtuse meanings
  • Conversational style- tangents, off-shoots
  • Writing as if the events happened to a different person, to try to achieve a subjective and objective experience
  • “an experience of an experience”/ sensory information

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