A. The Ideal of Value

  • Wisdom comes from experience- traveling, anecdotes, etc.
  • You can only learn so much just from listening, we need to “walk around”
  • The opposition between our desire to gain knowledge and the obligation to learn (our duty)
  • There is a difference between “I need to learn this for an exam” and “I love to learn”
  • Ascetic Ideal- love for knowledge
  • We set up an ideal to tell ourselves what is motivating us and what we are constantly striving for
  • What is the fundamental issue here?
  • Are we worried about the dominant culture and how the institutions are affecting us? Or are we able to find our own attunement and disposition?

B. Our Goal

  • Creating an emblem is expressive experiential knowledge, not external to us
  • It is not simply a symbol that is detached from us, it is part of us
  • Most of the values and ideals of this culture have been long overlooked and established (set in stone)
  • Which force or ideal is operating in this situation- who/what am I depending on?
  • Our values all have motivation between them
  • Sometimes our telling of stories and reliving them with others brings about our experiential knowledge (Ulmer talking to his son)

C. Predestination

  • By looking retrospectively we can find the source of our desires and our default mood
  • Where does your work ethic come from? Your father, your community, your friends
  • Realizing that we can not simply take things for granted, and we should not simple perpetuate the goals and ideals from the past on to the future
  • We need to STOP just accepting things just because that is “the way they are”
  • Discovery through a process
  • Need to escape our hometowns or places where complacency is all around and more forceful

D. Going against Sage Ideal

  • There is much more than just gaining knowledge
  • Need to dig deeper and ask “what is this for me?”
  • What is motivating me (to possible follow sage ideal, possibly not)?
  • Our compulsions, desires, drives, are not compelled by duty- there is something more
  • Impulse

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