A. Interface metaphor

  • create something clear, simple, and easy to understand in order to bring up other more complex thoughts (stories, people, places, etc.)
  • creating a fakebook in order to map and understand what we are learning through “Internet Invention”

Literacy : Electracy

Topos (topic): Chora

Encyclopedia: Fakebook

Studium: Punctum/Obtuse

  • Making a glossary as “this is how I use these terms, it may not be what you think they are”
  • A map made from memory, no scale but can be weighted due to the importance specific aspects/memories have for us (leaving  a greater impact)

B. Chora

  • Memory Palace
  • subjective map, third meaning, experiential
  • Not “The Official Map,” but a map for us from our experience
  • Possible for it to not even exist objectively, but for us it prominent in our minds- it is  a real place
  • emotional imprint
  • holistic categorization of information- not discrete

C. Cosomogram

  • Composite of all areas of the popcycle
  • creating icons and little snapshots for people, personae
  • using image logic creates an atmosphere and mood
  • what do different images bring to mind?

D. Thread and String Theory

  • following a narrative from place to place
  • Sigur Ros as a great example “each town in more than a dot on a map”

One Response to “Chapter 4”

  1. Gary Hink Says:

    » slight correction to otherwise outstanding notes (and class transcriptions — which benefit all of us, good for me to see as well!)

    Continuing in mode of Analogy
    → Literacy :: Electracy

    (so, implicitly)
    Literacy : Topos :: Electracy : Chora
    Lit : Encyclopedia (comprehensive, taxonomy) :: Elec : Fb (Fakebook / Facebook)
    Lit : Studium (socio-cultural meanings) :: Elec : Punctum & Obtuse (personal “sting” & “signifiance“)
    Lit : Dictionary :: Elec : Glossary (see: “anti-definition” & “formless” Chp. 1)

    Lit : Map (precision cartography) :: Elec : Cosmogram (chora logic)


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