A. Conductive Logic/Creativity

  • Create a bimodal or “mash-up” of two different media (Toy Story meets Inception)
  • You must have some background or previous experience with the two media in order to understand and appreciate the media
  • Can combine things such as emotions (Toy Story) with things that are scientific and cold/puzzling (Inception), Renaissance literature (Pride and Prejudice) with monsters and sci-fi (zombies)
  • What if… these characters where actually in this film?
  • Conduction (create, absurd, flowing through a specific conduit) not Deduction

B. Humor Logic

  • Using the sensibility/mind set/ thinking to get a joke
  • You have to put your mind in the place of the person telling the story (an open mind)
  • You also must have some previous frame of reference
  • Suspension of Disbelief- not all things are literal, “are you for real?”
  • Relaxing our rules for what is possible
  • What are you trying to do? Make us laugh? Make an argument? (intent)
  • To make a joke you must understand that you are making a joke and then go about presenting that joke in the right fashion

C. Cultural Discourse

  • Media is  a good way to create connections between cultures
  • Noticing which mood or mode of thought is my natural position

D. Sycretism

  • Bring together two different media (a hybrid- not homogeneous)
  • Mash-up of genres

E. New Media

  • How interactive are the sites (on a scale of 1-10)? Or are they strictly presentational?
  • Does it make you click? (My Summer Vacation)
  • Does it make you control the media? (What They Say..)
  • Does your interaction/input change the text? (example of a dynamic text- that’s a 10)
  • Not to have something too long, or too autonomous (The Dreamlife of Letters)

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