A. Communal Context

  • We not only have a specific mood, but we are located inside a certain cultural situation with its own mood
  • We have to look outside of ourselves to our community in order to find out the mood of society
  • Our community has its own unique set of perspectives, values, morals that we must become attuned to and to discover
  • We not only affect our community, but in return our community affects us
  • Interpolation: the institution and structures that surround us and shape our values
  • What are the values of our community?
  • Ficelle: the strings that connect us to the secondary characters, shift focus off of hero- what’s going on around us?

B. For Example, “Be Kind Rewind”

  • Focalization: at the beginning focus solely on Mos Def, but as the story progresses the film starts to focalize on Mike and Jerry, but to the community- the sense of the community
  • The movie provides no resolution, but it does provide some closure to the characters and their community
  • It not just about Mos Def, it’s not just about Jack Black, but about the community (the building, Fats Waller)
  • Becoming part of something that participating in community activities means more than simply “gimme, gimme, gimme”
  • Emphasis on community creativity

C. Syncretism

  • Filling in the gap, threading together of at least two different discourses or even languages that exist in our life
  • You can’t talk like you are in a brothel when you are at school, so we have to be able
  • Switching from tunnel vision to panoramic

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