A. Apparatus

  • Do we need to understand a piece of media?
  • Or does media simply need to evoke a response?
  • We must be receptive and open to it- what am I willing to understand?
  • Not simply your mind plugged into the computer, has to go through some interface
  • “Liquid Architecture”, what interface are you using when you are listening? Something must be happening, you are feeling something, you are changed, but you haven’t been shocked or physically prodded- something is happening, but what?
  • Music is an embodied experience, not a mind/body split like in literacy

B. Embodied Expression

  • To express certain things like “exile” in the tango
  • Connecting (not separating the mind and body)
  • Our selves have to go through a greater deal o f multitasking when we listen to music
  • Jazz and Blues: It’ s not about feeling sad, it’s what you do with those feelings (have you decided to write a song? Have you decided to paint a picture? Write a story?)

C. Live vs. The Video

  • Being immersed in something will give you a different feeling or mood than just simply watching it
  • A music video “can be anything”- no rules, no oppression
  • Organization of ideas

D. Overlapping and Discrete

  • The parts of our popcycle evoke different moods- what are the feelings/behaviors when I am part of this situation
  • Although the may run together, they are on different levels
  • There is a person attached to the end of the mouse or tapping the keyboard- we must bring ourselves to the screen
  • When you go to Gator game that is different feeling than going to to church
  • Mood of thought- combining emotional with intellect

A P P A R A T U S – 2

Apparatus Orality Literacy Electracy
Practice Religion Science Entertainment
Procedure Ritual Method Style
Institution Church School Internet
State of Mind Faith Knowledge Fantasy
Behavior Worship Experiment Play
Philosophy Mythology Ontology Aesthetics
Ground God Reason Body
Ontology Totem Category Chora
Mode Narrative Argument Figure
Well-Being Right/Wrong True/False Joy/Sadness

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