A. Emblem

  • How do I make my own emblem?
  • The composite, holistic
  • This chapter is no longer thinking of the discourses as separate, but bring them together– to create 1 single emblem
  • Understanding the wide image
  • Looking back on past assignments and trying to discern a certain mood or pattern of thought
  • Looking for your disposition through reflexive insights
  • The qualitative element- “the how”
  • Trying to understand our style, not oppress it like we have to in other classes (you always have to appeal to your audience)
  • We create a hybird- you+your method
  • Starting to take your style away from the abstract- find examples, try to find the focus
  • There is a certain bit of “eric-ness” throughout all of the dimension… FIND IT.

B. Figure

  • Our blogs and emblems express how we operate
  • Why such an investment in finding how we work?
  • Trying to not be just a mouth piece for one individual discourse
  • I didn’t know I even wanted that SONY 3-D  TV, but I do… (that’s the worst case scenario)
  • Our emblem is not already made, but the objects we use do exist
  • What is my advertising trying to sell?
  • Our emblem is not our personal advertisement and logo

C. Template

  • What is our “whatever”
  • Fill in the categories of material and spiritual register (pg. 267)
  • 6 personal indexes
  • Self-check, self assessment0 of where we stand
  • Material– the concrete elements that I am going to use, what things have appeared relevant throughout the parts of my popcycle?
  • Spiritual– feelings, worldview
  • Our goal is to encourage critical thinking- and to not just be passive receivers
  • Trying to explore the gap between an advertisement and what they are trying to “sell” us

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