A. Narrative

  • individual narratives
  • creating “stories inside of a story”
  • sense of being on a mission, feeling of storyline
  • Act I, Scene 1…
  • method for discovering our emblem/theme
  • progression, you have to start somewhere
  • But where do we start?
  • The first part of the popcycle is our family, because our first memory is likely to be involve our families sometime in our childhood.

REMEMBER: Everything we do and learn are means and methods to our end product- finding our emblem

B. Homesick

  • Homesickness is a mood and feeling that we all have felt and experienced, so it is good and relative starting point to understand  our attunement  (sensibility, mood)

C. Storytelling/Anecdote

  • Telling a story to an intended audience
  • a series of events that feel will be of some use to our audience- conveys something
  • what we remember from that event
  • “to make a long story short”- what’s the point
  • There is more than one reason why someone tells their story- as an audience we also receive more than one thing
  • Empathy, personality, insight into the tellers life, etc. all come from more than the words.

D. Involuntary Memory

  • Some things trigger or “call up” times of our past
  • i.e. tasting the candy from Monday makes us remember the film, how we felt, what we wore, etc.
  • can be sensory
  • nostalgia
  • ambiance, atmosphere, mood of the situation sticks with us.
  • Involuntary because we are unable to simply push a button and become nostalgic
  • Some senses (sounds of the ocean, feeling on skin, etc.) can do a great deal to create the author’s scene, whole scenes can be created around one sense
  • Opposite of deja vu because we are able to remember where the feeling is coming from
  • Deja vu is like a weak memory or a blurred photograph, nostalgia is like a photo album
  • nostalgia has a… powerful… enough sense in order for us to connect it long past its time

E. Endocept

  • When did we start to create our own personality and attunement?
  • During childhood, when did we start to diverge and become a different person than our siblings or parents?
  • Creating our creativity
  • What we are “into to”

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