My father was a principal in a low-income school that was centered in the midst of several low-income housing projects. My hometown was by no way as poverty and crime stricken as an inner city, but if Monroe, MI had a ghetto- my dad’s school was smack dab in the middle of it. This part of my popcycle, my family, overlaps in another aspect: my career.

I fell in love with sociology and sociological thought because I was excited to learn about how other people in different races, classes, and upbringings live and grow differently than I do. I wanted to understand the life beyond “the other side of the tracks.” I had this drive partially because of all the hard work and pride my dad put into his school and making the most out of some pretty destitute circumstances. He made that school a success, and I hope to be just half as empathetic and caring as he is in my own career.


Popcycle Post 2:

Here is link to a map that includes 8 points of interests- also known as “boulders” in my popcycle.

Mapping The Popcycle Part II

Here is a list of the spots I chose to plot on my popcycle map:

A: 5433 Brookshire St- the house I grew up in. I would walk up and down the street with my dog for exercise everyday. He loved it.

B: Downtown Monroe- When I got older I enjoyed being downtown. I hated coffee, but there was a coffee shop on the corner in downtown that I would visit all the time, because it made me feel like I was grownup.

C: Monroe High School- My highschool holds so many memories and the place that I spent the most time the last 4 years I lived in Monroe. All of my performances in choir and on stage were at my highschool’s auditorium

D: Hollywood Elementary School- My dad’s job. He was the principle, and would ask me all the time to come and help him with extracurricular activities. For some reason I would always get trapped into singing karaoke at his open houses.

E: Tim Horton’s- The best bagels in the midwest. When I was in Middle school my dad drove me to school and we would stop to get a sesame seed bagel with butter and a diet coke every morning.

F: The River Raisin Centre for the Arts- The last year I lived in Monroe my mother and I performed onstage together in a musical called “Urinetown.” It was the best time.

G:  Custer Elementary- Although my dad worked at an elementary school, I went to the school across town. We were the Custer Cougars. When I was in highschool I used to watch the girl I had a crush on play soccer behind the school.

H: First Presbyterian Church of Monroe- My home church. I feel like this is the place where I really grew up. It was an old church so they loved having young people around. Everywhere they’d have a Christmas party called “Hanging of the Greens” where the elementary aged children could go to each classroom and make a different craft, then we would all go downstairs for Christmas cookies, and then head back to the sanctuary to sing Christmas carols together.

Fro m this is pretty clear that the epicenter of my popcycle is the downtown district of my hometown. It was a place where I aspired to fit in, would get some good food, went to church my entire life, and got the chance to dance on stage next to me mom. If you look at this map from a farther distance it even kind of looks like all of the other points are like arrows pointing to the downtown.

Interesting… very interesting.


Popcycle Post 3: Structural Portrait

I feel like my structural portrait consists of a mix of 3 Entertainment icons:

Ryan Seacrest












Peter Klaven from “I Love You, Man”


Kathy Griffin












Popculture Remix:

Garbage Pail Kids

Mix Innocent Fun of Cabbage Patch Kids


Sick, perverse, adult humor



Popcycle Post 4:

My Community: Gainesville, Florida

“It’s great to be a Florida Gator”

Football. Basketball. Academics. <in that order>

I go to the University of Florida. It’s arguably the most prestigious public university in Florida.

Everywhere I go I see orange and blue. A picture with Albert and Alberta is worth a thousand words.

I like to go to Southwest Recreation Center:

It’s brand new. It’s really nice.

I go to class. I have to take the bus because you can’t park on campus. I HATE trying to park on campus, and I am pretty sure that the feeling is mutual.


This song is techno, it’s something you can dance to.

It was the intro to the latest play I was in Robots vs. Fake Robots (I was a robot):

These are my friends and fellow actors. This song reminds me of them.

I can’t listen to this song without bustin at least some kind of move.


My Mood In Electracy:

Making Fudge:

  • Takes a while
  • Have to have a focus
  • End result sweet, rewarding
  • Decadence

*** Any further explanation can not be given, because there is none- I just think that it “fits” 😀


Tentative Ideas for Project 2:

  • General Custer
  • Captain Planet
  • Monroe High School
  • Church
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer (for the third time???)
  • GUTS and Legends of the Hidden Temple
  • Power Rangers
  • Aunt Bette/ Library system
  • Teen Outreach Theatre
  • ****Project idea: create a “television network” that includes real shows from the past, but also new shows from my community discourse
  • **** Museum of the past
  • **** Like Exercise 3: Create a story that will involve a scene with both discourses
  • **** Create a fake “script” for a show where characters interact with community discourse
  • **** Give a “tour of the town” that highlights those places where the two discourses meet (my house, at school, at play ground)
  • **** Create a fake city in which I live, and have the same history but inside setting of the TV show


  1. a) linear; b) Morning Trips with my Dad (Sesame Seed Bagel, toasted, with butter)
  2. 2) a) b) c)

Cool, Shiny, Is able to use his ice powers to cross multiple planes, just like every part of my life runs together and intermingles, witty, opposite of fire

4. While my family was staying at Saratoga Springs resort across from Downtown Disney we acquired the knowledge that the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company gave away free samples, and every 3 hours the person giving the samples switched, making it possible to get another. Of course, my mom and I had to take advantage of Ghirardelli’s generosity and for the whole stay, when we weren’t busy, we would hike over to Downtown Disney and get a new sample. We probably went ten times, brought a whole bag of free samples home. Peppermint Bark- delicious.


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