Urban Individualism Starts Here


On the Road to Project 3

December 8, 2010

Our project should be a compilation of many voices, our different languages, from all discourses of our popcycle

Putting our general attunement into “career mode”

We only have one singular attunement (showcase in our emblem)- “is that me?”

“I’ve reinvented this, and now here it is”

I’ve got this remade concept, now here I am to express it

A dictionary definition- just would not suffice, it’s about assemblage

Express their experiential aspects of our concept

When we enter into our major or career we are leaving out a lot of ourselves- the institution demands we leave ourselves at the door

In order to create figures for the aspects of our concept we need to pull from all parts of our popcycle

No need for repetition, we want the 360 degree view of the complexity of life

I want to covey this quality of this so I am going to use this picture, image, anecdote, quote

We don’t just have brand or logo- we have much more than that


  • What do I want to reinvent?
  • Urban Sociology
  • City as a laboratory
  • City as stimulus
  • Robert Park
  • Chicago School of Sociology

Problem with from Career discourse

  • ideal of value- how has living in urban environments (conglomerations of activity) affect the social world?
  • BUT- urban sociologists want to look at entire culture of a city and miss the beauty of an individuals experience in a city
  • Is it possible to understand that city from a view point that radiates out from the individual, rather than simply looking from a giant magnifying glass in the sky?

Experience of Concept:

  • “The day in the life of an urbanite”
  • BUT it is still important to not get too psychological, focus on individual experiences with people culture
  • What do they think of the graffitti on the side of the side of the railway station?
  • Who do the bump into on the way to work?
  • Does the cab driver smell, if so, what like? (Not to get to graphic)
  • These things come together (get pasted together) to create a composite that is the life of the city dweller
  • Seeing the homeless and destitute changes the individuals stance on poverty, experience as Gay Day Parade may make the person more/less accepting
  • This part should not be difficult, when we are interacting with “the city” the mind and body are constantly at work and being stimulated by hundreds of things
  • Create a narrative?
  • Or is the user the person moving around the city?



  • Those shows that signify the city (Sex and the City, Friends, Frasier, 30 Rock, CSIs)
  • What about those reality shows like The Real Housewives or Top Chef?
  • The Travel Channel


  • Organized chaos
  • Looking for those “important moments” that may seem to others as nothing
  • Music and pictures follow same theme- set the mood
  • Never dull, but intriguing, cause discussion  (art gallery)


  • Transit map
  • Theatre Guide
  • What’s happening in… ????


  • creating “the city dweller”
  • trying to create a character that encapsulates what city life can be for all
  • This is an interesting paradox: worried about individualism, but only showcasing one type of urbanite- may need to explore further


  • Interested in having audience imput their own city experiences
  • home town stories, where are you from, guestbook?
  • Or what they take from the things presented as the city scape
  • Comment boxes
  • how to create fast pace motion and blur that can be city life

Approaching Project 3

December 3, 2010

Project 3 Approaches….

Finding a topic (getting into the mindset, before we approach the prompt):

  • Looking for the AH-HA moment
  • What made you choose your career?
  • Taking a step back
  • Even though the critics may not enjoy your favorite show or music, that does not mean it can not still be your favorite (it connects to us)- using your emblem, your guide
  • Does this object strike a nerve or touch me in some way?

The Project:

  • Taking one part of your popcycle (Career) and putting it into electracy
  • Use our emblem to guide us
  • Using our career disciplines (in literacy) and moving it closer to entertainment (electracy)
  • Using critical and creative thinking
  • Using metaphysics to move career to electracy- images, sounds, mash-ups trying to be syncretic
  • We are not trying to persuade or advertise to anyone
  • Not allowing there to be a gap between your personal life and your career example
  • Organic
  • Without lived experience- we only have to look to why we chose the career to move to electracy
  • I’m going into sociology because… (this is the project)
  • Putting into aesthetic practices (not argumentative) an expression
  • Composing together the different “tracks” of our lives
  • Updating something from our career for the modern “networking age”
  • Understanding that our facebook pages can not be simply understood as a stagnant document- they all mean things to us

What’s the Recipe?

December 1, 2010


The recipe has 8 different parts

  • Community
  • Entertainment
  • Family
  • Picture
  • Epigram
  • Mood
  • Morality
  • Metaphysics

Not an illustration or depiction, but an expression

Metaphor vs. Autonomy

We can not use a football metaphor when talking about coming to class- we are not football players- it’s just not me.

Default Mood and Attunement

Grounded in our lived institution

Creating our emblem should be something like making lasagna-

Where there exists a mixture, but they’re still coming together in one entity

We are not trying to suppress anything, but we are trying to composite something much bigger

Creating a widesite

  • Creating a site around why you chose certain things in your emblem
  • Having an anecdote or an image, that break down the emblem

An Emblem in Progress…

November 29, 2010

Family: Drives in a car with my dad.

Corvette Symbol

Community: River Raisin

Downtown Bridge

Entertainment: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sarah Michelle Gellar

“Once More With Feeling”- Musical Episode

Career: Karl Marx

There are somethings that capitalism can’t buy.


Exercise 5

November 22, 2010

I. Automatic Emblem

Street Corner Society

When you are in Trojan Country (Monroe, MI) even the street lamps have team spirit. It synches auto travel as well as give the intersection some well deserved appeal. Once you see this streetlamp you won’t be able to fight Trojan Fever and you’ll have to make a stop by the local high school on Friday night to see the Trojans shine. Buy concessions- support the Boosters!!!

(Ready-mades: Monroe High School Trojan Mascot & “Street Corner Society” by William Foote Whyte)

II. Default Moods

I look at the paper in front of me. It is a script. It is a poem entitled Ulysses, not the novel, but a poem. There are so many scribbles and notes on the page that I can hardly make out the difference between the author’s words and my own. Interesting concept. For the few seconds that I perform this poem I become sort of the author in a way. I retell the story in a way that is unique and has never been done before. I carve myself into history as being an individual- at least for the moment.

I am an actor.

I am dressed in all black.

I am performing today as a part of a project on Readers Theatre. I didn’t have to memorize my lines, so only little nerves, but the nerves still exist. I am part of a creative project for a friend- if I fail, does she fail? I don’t believe so, but the fear still resonates in my mind. I look out at the few people in the audience: her teacher, her classmates, that’s all. There is little pressure, but as a dedicated actor I still must do my job. I still must tell the story.

I depend on my voice, because there are no hand movements. I have to raise and lower my intonation and volume in order to create the character and scene.

I stand next to a friend, she is a fellow reader in the same theatre. We are a team for the moment. This is powerful stuff. I’m just an actor, but for the time being, this is not a solo. I must keep in mind my audience, my teammates, and my director.

I have to entertain, and that is exactly what I plan to do.

Too dramatic?


Following a Template

November 18, 2010

1. Things

2. Material Attributes or Properties

3. Atmosphere

4. Feeling

Sarcasm, Wit, Quiet, Discussion, Question

5. Woldview

College student, son of upper middle class educators, second child, parents are seniors

6. Morality

Listen, Understand, Morals, Laugh

November 12, 2010

Liberal Arts and Sciences – well being

  • being able to follow your passion
  • not focusing on our immediate future (not necessarily career driven)
  • world view
  • open mindedness
  • trying to become a more well rounded person
  • seeing life different angles and aspects
  • being yourself- following what you want to do, your dreams- not working for the career of the future

Ad Ideas

  • Scooby is never on a leash- free to roam
  • Scooby comes at life from a dog’s point of view- he’s the outsider looking in
  • What would the Mystery Inc. be without those “screw-ups” of Shaggy and Scooby


Flashback of Scooby Doo as a pup, other puppies are chasing tennis balls and eating dog food, but Scooby is not happy- clearly not his passion

Lost Dog Poster

Shot of puppy (sad, lost puppy) looking for his place in the world

Finds an earlier version of Mystery Inc. in an alley way with “Bay Watch” slow moments of uniting

Final shot: He is “himself” in the Mystery Inc.