Rensis Likert may have specialized in the field of psychology, but when he invented his scale it greatly changed the way the sociologists could conduct their research. With the Likert scale there was no subjectivity to whether certain statements where seen as the epitome of a category. The Likert scale avoided the problem of having to create 11 distinct statements capturing 11 different attitudes that don’t overlap.

The Likert scale improved social surveys in the following ways:

  • It used a simpler scale, but got the same results
  • The statistical tests involved with the Likert scale are easier to compute
  • There is uniform standard that can be used by anyone
  • The scale can be used for numerous different topics
  • The likert scale makes social surveys easier for the participant, making them more likely to participate

On a scale from 1 to 5 the Likert scale is a 10!

That’s a pretty Harsh Attitude! Click Here and Return to Likert Scale

(and hey, go easy on the poor scale already!)


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