Buffy’s musical episode “Once More, With Feeling” is a perfect mixture of two passions in my life. Musical theatre AND Buffy?!? Not only did I own this CD, I sang this song for an important audition, and listened to it with my whole church youth group on a retreat. It was a momentous occasion for me.

The Academy Awards has always been my dream and end goal. Whenever I envision my future the Oscar always comes to mind. I can only hope that one day I will be able to use the acceptance speech I have perfecting since I was in middle school.


In my last semester I have gained a great deal of respect for Karl Marx and his communist utopia. Horribly misunderstood, he is one of the greatest sociological theorists of all time. He is incredibly humanistic and truly concerned with the human condition. His sentiments and mine are closely related, and we both are leery of the rise and control of capitalism over all aspects of our lives.

When I envision my future workspace I envision that it is going to look like this. Clean lines, highly organized, and a little forward-thinking when it comes to design. It’s minimalist, but to be cliche- Sometimes less is more.


After assembling this image and looking back on past projects I realize how important that “the little things” are to me. The littlest thing of riding in a car (our Corvette) with my dad has meant so much to me, and through conversations, joy rides, and pit-stops these trips have truly shaped my life.


The bridge over the River Raisin is the symbol of my hometown. Being a city only famous for being the hometown of General Custer (yeah, remember Little Big Horn- that’s our guy!!) and the site of a nuclear power plant, we take pride in the natural beauty of our city. From atop of that bridge, Monroe could actually make you gasp.

A view from the bridge:

I could spend my life on Mackinac Island.

I added this to my emblem because it’s a great contrast to the workplace environment that’s sterile and somewhat impersonal. Mackinac and it’s nostalgic and homey aura is a character by itself. Everywhere you turn there is a story or something else to charm and fascinate you. Not to mention the fudge.


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