Organization and interpretation is key if you want to express yourself in the way that I did as I composed Project 3 (and worked through the rest of the semester).  It became all too clear to me during this final stage that every one of the us approaches and analyzes images, movies, music, and words differently. We will never have a universal meaning to anything. It is all subjective. With that in mind, always remember that what you think is important, is important.  Nothing is too small or too large for you to include in your expression. When I realized that so much of my life revolved around the “little things” that brought me joy, it opened my mind to how much can be displayed by just a single picture, word, or expression.

Don’t be afraid to articulate yourself and allow for a little drama. When I thought of something that was specific to me and my artistic standpoint, I would allow myself to articulate with just a few words or a single sentence. My favorite example of this in my work of Urban Indvidualism was the segmented/fractured picture of my family.

The concept I was displaying was that we are able to separate the parts of our identity and then study them individually. In my family, I am not just “Eric Louis” I am a brother, an uncle, a grandson, and a listening friend to everyone. The connection may not be as clear the viewer as it was to me, so I added a simple caption. It added a little drama, and it made me enjoy that picture that much more.

Lastly- always let yourself be yourself. I struggled with this concept all the way through this semester. “Oh, they’d never want to hear this song,” or “Why would they want to watch this whole clip.” But that is not what is important. That  song means something to you, and each moment of the clip held value for you. I don’t know why I like Buffy so much, but I do, and that is why she is posted everywhere on my blog- and now I am proud to say- I’m not ashamed of it!

Oh look, here she is again:


Project Homepage


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