I was really affected by the Conclusion of “Internet Invention.” Coming from a sociology background we seem to face aporia every moment that we study.

What can I do to change society?

We’re just individuals. Even though many of have a passion for reform and change, how could we possibly bring about the macro scale changes that will improve the world? Many times we don’t have answers, we don’t see progress, and change seems impossible. That is probably why I really went full-throttle into this project. I wanted to feel the limit-less possibilites and break through that wall of practicality. I enjoyed creating a new discourse and really letting my attunement and my sensibilities shine through when composing it.

It was not hard to incorporate media into my project, because that was easier!!! Media, especially images, can speak much more than a paragraph or bullet points. It’s very interesting to look at my initial list of “concepts” and then see that I could portray all those concepts through using only less than 200 words.

The one shortcoming I saw is that it was still impossible to look at the very wide image of Urban Individualism in one moment. I tried to create a network and comparison of the concepts (through having just 1 elevator), but I would have liked to have a huge white-board in which I could display all the concepts I have created at one time and show the viewers how they all come together (possibly another prezi???). There were certain limitations to space and not being able to physically interact with my audience that I would have liked to over come in order to make my perfect project (but I still think mine is pretty darn good).

After composing my wide image and composing this concept remake I’ve realized how important other people are in my life. Not only is my family critical to everything I currently do, think, and say, but they’ve also shaped my history and how I interact with others. But those others, they are important to me too, and not only the ones that I share my apartment with, but the gator nation as a whole. The part of this project that learned the most from was the collage of “Gator” memories, some included me, some didn’t. While I was compiling those images I added the caption “We’re Stronger Together.” That really struck me and it was incredibly insightful. I’ve been a part of so many communities and connections in my life (this class being one of them) and now I realize as we go through these things, as we invent our wide image, we are growing stronger, we are creating a history.


Project Homepage


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