The discipline of urban sociology is seriously flawed. Famed sociologists such as Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, Georg Simmel, and Louis Wirth have all noted the importance of the city to civilization. But what is the city, but a lifeless cluster of buildings and housing complexes without the individuals moving about within it? If we were to take away the social interactions and cultural properties found in the city we would be left with a hollow exoskeleton that would be so boring it wouldn’t seem worth studying.

Why then have we neglected the individual experiences in the city? Why have we forgotten that every face in the crowd has their own story, history, and impact on the urban environment? I have not forgot this crucial fact, and in a drastic attempt to revitalize our consciousness I have created a theory entitled “Urban Indvidualism”

The paradigm shift from the macro to the micro will be difficult, but will provide us with valuable rewards. We will be able to care for one another on a more personal level, we can start to show greater empathy and concern, and we will start to appreciate the great diversity that cities offer us.

Much like the citizens it hopes to analyze, the concepts of Urban Individualism live together in harmony in one convenient location. In order to understand and view the concepts one only has to take a short ride on The Elevator to Open Our Minds. Each floor will reveal to the viewer a different concept, and each floor will stretch our understanding of what it would mean to study the city through the eyes of each individual

Step inside… and take a ride on Our Elevator.


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